A blue mask rests on top of an eviction notice
The end of the pandemic may bring a flood of evictions. (Shutterstock)

Last March, Dr. Norrinda Hayat organized her first Twitterstorm. An assistant law professor at Rutgers Law School and the director of the Civil Justice Law Clinic in Newark, Hayat rallied her students and online community to spend a day tweeting to halt evictions in New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

one of those college streets (Image Source: Remax)

My professor walked into class on Wednesday morning wearing a full suit and Jordans. This, he said, was his walking outfit.

At the end of class, he took us on a tour of downtown New Brunswick. More specifically, a section of town called Unity Square.

To give you some context…

(Image Source: Pharmacy Times)

My university is closing all of our on-campus pharmacies. Until I started reporting on it, I didn’t really care.

Honestly, this happens with a lot of healthcare-related news. We hear about or read about industry changes, recalls, and research but unless it directly relates to us, we scroll past all…

(Image Source: ABC News)

This past summer, over 215 patients were hospitalized with mysterious respiratory problems. The majority were young and healthy despite having difficulty breathing, severe nausea, and fevers. A handful of these patients ended up in the ICU, in comas, or on ventilators. …

CUSCO, PERU — An elderly woman wearing five sweaters shuffled through her purse to find the pills she had been taking. She pulled out a small sheet of four pills and another sheet of two pills.

This woman, like many patients at the clinic, had used antibiotics to cure her…

If you want to learn more about the existential crisis I have almost every day, you’re in luck. The New York Times just wrote about it.

“How Medicine Became the Stealth Family-Friendly Profession” was published this morning and talks about what medicine can teach other career fields about being family-friendly…

the eclectic inside of laggart cafe

Tucked in a corner of Cusco’s bohemian district of San Blas is the quaint Laggart Cafe. There, they serve a delicious passionfruit cake and support local artists by displaying and selling their work.

You can pass hours here working and listening to smooth jazz, but you can also order one…

coca candy in stores (Image Source: Pedro Szekely, Flickr)

In almost every bodega on every corner in Cusco, there is a rack full of small bags of green candy. In La Plaza de Armas, the center of the city, men and women dressed in cultural garb will approach tourists and try to sell the same bags of green candy.

For the past two to three weeks, my Instagram stories have been one thing: blue.

People have been changing their profile pictures to a particular shade of blue and reposting the same text-image that promises one meal for Sudanese children per every follow and share.

the post that was circulating on Instagram stories

This phenomenon is called the…

Global Brigades’ impact model — It’s worth checking out their website

In March, I went to Panama for a week as part of a medical Global Brigade and helped run free clinics for various communities. During that week, about 20 other students from my university and I stayed at a compound, prepared posters and presentations to give to patients and children…

Aparna Ragupathi

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